On 7th March 2015 Soter organised the annual Indoor Football Tournament of Companies and Institutions- SOTER CUP 2015 in the 4th year running. The even took place in Janek Bytnar's High School Sports Hall in Kolbuszowa this year.


The annual tournament has been now permanently established in the main events' calendar of our region. The indoor football tournament featured a performance by our special guest ‘Rafał Brzozowski’. As every year the event has enjoyed a high turnout and great interest of the local community assuring them a good time.

The Podkarpackie Voivodeship was the official Partner of the event, while the Marshal of Podkarpackie took the honorary patronage of the tournament.

One of the main attractions was the football team made up of polish national actors. The line-up of the team was as follows: Przemysław Cypryański, Piotr Świerczewski, Radosław Majdan, Jarosław Jakimowicz, Michał Chorosiński, Grzegorz Staszewski, Jędrzejewski and Radosław Grzegorz Korczak.

The tournament was attended by 16 other teams from the Podkarpackie region:

Kolbuszowa City Hall, Priests of the Diocese of Rzeszow, DELTA Skowronski & Skowronski Kolbuszowa, Marshal's Office Rzeszow, SOTER Kolbuszowa, PSB Mrówka Kolbuszowa, Asseco Rzeszow, University of Rzeszow, Koltex Kolbuszowa, Police Officers from the Kolbuszowa District, AUTO SERVICE Kolbuszowa, ZPOW ORZECH Kolbuszowa, Wienerberger Construction Ceramics Kupno, EDEN NET GROUP Janusz Wiącek, WALOR Kolbuszowa.

Having faced a fierce competition from the opponents, the following teams have secured four top spots in the tournament:

1st place ZPOW WALNUT Kolbuszowa

2nd place AUTO SERVICE Kolbuszowa

3rd place SOTER Kolbuszowa

4th place PSB MRÓWKA Kolbuszowa

 After the tournament there were additional prizes awarded for the following categories: top goal scorer, best goalkeeper, the Fair Play Award.

Łukasz Cetnarski from ZPOW ORZECH Kolbuszowa won the top scorer award with 6 goals on the score sheet.

Mariusz Cyran from SOTER was awarded the best goalkeeper prize with the least conceded goals.

Finally, Fair Play Award went to PSB Mrówka Kolbuszowa.

The SOTER tournament organizers together with the Honorary Patron Marshal of the Sub-Carpathian County and the Municipality of Kolbuszowa would like to thank all participants for taking part in the sports competition.

We welcome everyone to join us for the 5th Jubilee of the SOTER CUP in 2016.


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