SOTER Ltd. was established in January 2006. Subsequently, in May 2006, the company received the Concession of the Ministry of Home Affairs, No. L - 0100/06 authorizing the execution of property security services. 

In May 2007, only one year later SOTER Ltd. received the status of a Sheltered Workshop. The company provides 35 to 50% relief in the mandatory PFRON contribution for the performance of its services.

The company SOTER has several years of experience in the following areas: protection of people and properties, staff outsourcing and cleaning services. We work with a big network of clients, companies and individuals.

We enjoy the trust of over 150 customers and by working with such a large group of contracting parties we continue to improve our knowledge, expertise and gain invaluable experience. During the cooperation we ensure to take care to deliver the highest quality of services and customer satisfaction.

 SOTER Ltd. is a modern, responsible and flexible business partner who offers an optimally tailored plan that covers the needs and characteristics of each client. Our highly qualified and trained employees supervise order and safety in your premises. We also provide our services in such a manner that our customers can focus on the development of their own companies and other activities. Furthermore SOTER Ltd. provides its services to customers located across the entire country regardless of the facility’s location. Therefore we developed quality control systems that allow us to guarantee efficiency and great customer service.

We strive to be versatile, hence we always focus on self-development and broadening our knowledge. This attitude is reflected in a wide range of our services, which not only include helping maintaining cleanliness but also administrating facilities and providing staff outsourcing services.

We are inviting you to the cooperation!

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