Property Security

The task of our employees is to continuously watch properties located in the area of the protected objects and to provide security to people located within the facility.

Our security staff is responsible to guarantee appropriate task executions. They have relevant qualifications, experience and predisposition for performing such services.

As part of the security services we provide:

 - Uniformed employees performing duties in accordance with the internal rules and processes of our company

 - Staff training that takes into account the specific nature and character of the building before delegating the performance to the designated facility

 - Staff training on specific risks existing in relation to the protection of the property and the analysis of how to counteract them

 - Staff training on the selection of the most effective forms and intervention techniques at the facility


The protection of property includes the following services:

 - Effective counteracting against all attacks that may damage, destruct, devastate the property and prevent theft

 - Observation and protection of the inhabitant residing in the area as well as the area of the secured object

 - The debarment of undesirable presence of others who are unrelated to running the operational services of the premises and moving around the facility

In the event of an undesirable situation, our staff secures the scene and takes all possible steps to minimize the damage while immediately notifying the appropriate emergency services.

In case of an arrest the perpetrator is handed over to law enforcement authorities.

All employees undergo mandatory training in health and safety, the provision of the premedical first aid and the local laws regulating the provision of security services.

 SOTER Ltd. and SOTER OCHRONA cooperate closely in terms of providing professional customer services.

Security of Mass Events

 We ensure the reliable and professional execution of given tasks.

While accepting orders to protect the participants of mass events, we are aware of our duties and responsibilities. Therefore, to perform such services we delegate only specially trained staff with professional qualifications in accordance with the Effective Safety of Mass Event and Implementation Provisions Act passed on 20 March 2009 (Dz. U. No. 62, poz. 504).

Personal Security

The personal protection is a specific form of security of one person or a group of individuals in a designated place and time revolving around actions aimed at ensuring safety of life, health and personal inviolability.

 As part of this service we provide:

 - Service delivery in accordance with the requirements of the due diligence

 - Discretion

 - Preparation and presentation of the concept of security adapted to the requirements of protected individuals, and which can be executed by the law

 - Trained and cultural security personnel adequately equipped to perform the task

The offer includes:

 - The interception of an individual or a group of people requiring the service from the transit point

 - Staff movement around the country as per the visit programme of the individual or a group of people

 - The security of visits, meetings and trade negotiations including anti wiretapping examination

 - The assurance of an undisturbed time and relaxation during the visit



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