Specialist Outsourced Services

Outsourcing - A practice used by different companies to reduce costs by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers rather than completing those internally.

Our company specialises in staff outsourcing, it relies on the provision of work of our employees to external clients by performing their production support functions.

 Thanks to the experience of implementing such projects, the possibility of a smooth realisation, willingness to share risks and finally the flexibility in mutual relations, the cooperation with our Clients to fall into place harmoniously.


Our main objectives in cooperation with the clients are to help them with the following:

 - to cut fixed employee costs

The reduction in FTEs numbers leads to savings on wages, social security benefits, pension schemes and sick pay. Moreover a company using those services does not bear the costs of employees’ annual leave and staff training.

 - to assure non-dependence from illness, leave and childcare

We optimise our working time efficiently and operate only when there are services to accomplish. If there is the need to work on weekends and statutory holidays our employees will work on those days to fulfil the requirements.

 The process of implementing staff outsourcing by SOTER consists of the following stages:

 - Analysis of the client’s needs and validity of introducing outsourced services which determines different levels of engagement

- Planning of implementing processes along with the cooperation framework

 - Realisation

 - Monitoring efficiency of services by the Head of Group Services

  - Modification and adaptation of the functional outsourcing process

 SOTER Ltd. as the rightful employer handles legal and administrative services of outsourced workers (regulates employee benefits, social security contributions and secures annual leave).

The Customer pays only for the service.

The biggest advantage of such solutions from the client perspective is an increased flexibility. Because of significant time and HR related cost savings (optimisation of the number of employees in relation to the company's needs) it therefore enhances performance.

The main reason why this form of cooperation attracts an ever growing number of businesses is the ability to reduce the cost of creating new jobs.

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